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Big brands will be generic within the next year

At least 22 prescription drug specialties will lose patent coverage in the United States within the next year. According to what is announced by Medco, a giant in the distribution of drugs in the USA, these are molecules of great use such as, for example, atorvastatin, olanzapine, escitalopram, modafinil for the treatment of sleep disorders, the antiplatelet agent clopidogrel and the antiasthmatic montelukast. Starting next November, they will be available as equivalent drugs and will therefore decrease in price. As specified by the FDA, the regulation of patent protection has the objective of "promoting a balance between the innovation of new drugs and the competition of generic drugs". In addition to the drugs mentioned, others will also follow this process: the updated list, which also includes drugs that will lose their patent by 2015, can be consulted by clicking here: http://nl.medikey.it/dm/r.aspx?i=415171599&u=http://www.medcohealth.com/art/corporate/anticipatedfirsttime_generics.pdf

 DoctorNews – July 29, 2011


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