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The health programs of the parties. Different recipes but no one denies the NHS choice

A few days after the vote, the proposals of Democratic party, People of Liberty, Monti Coalition, 5 Star Movement, Civil Revolution And Act to stop the decline. Sustainability, hospital, copay, primary care, pharmacies, federalism. Alternative proposals but public health is not in question.

20 FEB – A few days before the electoral appointment, here is a map that compares the health programs of the major parties presenting themselves in the elections. There are many proposals in the field and also many similarities, starting from the common need to reform Title V of the Constitution. But in reality the positions of the parties are also affected by some macroscopic differences which pertain precisely to the foundations of the system. There are those who fiercely defend the NHS as it is and aim for its improvement but without affecting its fundamental paradigms, indeed the idea is to restore decision-making centrality to the system. And in this vein we can enclose the Democratic Party, Sel and even more so the Civil Revolution and to some extent the 5 Star Movement. Then there are those who, like the Monti List, defend the NHS but also wink at different forms of participation in the NSF (see supplementary health care) and then (Fare per Fermare il Declino) who aim for competition on equal terms conditions between public and private. Finally, there is the PDL which decisively proposes standard costs and a continuation of the federalist project.

But if these are the "ideological" strands within which the alignments move, specifically there are also many similar proposals, also because, perhaps, they objectively represent measures that serve Italian health care regardless of the party to which they belong. And we are referring to the strengthening of primary care, the improvement of the mechanisms of appropriateness of care, the exit of politics from the

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