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The patch turns 90 years old. Congratulations!

It was May 18, 1921 when it appeared on the market THE BAND-AID, that dressing tool that today has become indispensable for anyone. Ninety years agoHowever, the ingenious idea came from an employee of Johnson & Johnson (American international pharmaceutical company), Earle Dickson. It is said that the man was driven to look for a useful solution to heal his wife who often injured himself in the kitchen. Dickson placed gauze in the center of an adhesive strip and showed the object to colleagues. This simple and useful idea soon reached the ears of the top management of the company who, after having had a demonstration and having ascertained the genius and usefulness of the invention, promoted the production of the "PATCH". The doors to a brilliant career opened for the inventor, which saw him at the top of the company in the role of vice president.

May 18, 2011  Universy News

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