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The taxman is asking the owner of Menarini for three billion

 Alberto Aleotti

FLORENCE – A total sum of over 3 billion euros has been requested by the Tuscan Revenue Agency from 87-year-old Alberto Aleotti, patron of the Menarini pharmaceutical industry, in a 'report of findings' notified to the interested party last Monday. The deed gives an account of the findings that emerged from checks made on Aleotti's personal assets, and not that of the company he owns, following an investigation by the Florence prosecutor's office for defrauding the state and tax fraud on the owners and managers of Menarini.

(December 22, 2010)

The sum of 3 billion amounts to the recovery of unpaid taxes, penalties and related interest. The owner of Menarini has one month to comply with the objections raised against him and be able to obtain a reduction in tax penalties or to pay the amount owed in installments. In the verification carried out by the anti-fraud office of the Tuscan Revenue Agency, the tax shield with which Aleotti brought back from abroad, in particular from Panama and Liechtenstein, a total capital of 1 billion euros in 2003 was deemed "ineffective", since there were not the requisites to use it. (source Ansa 22/12/2010)

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