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The employment relationship of the scientific representative of the drug.

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Of Gabriel Fava  Employment attorney

The informant's activity, depending on the respective methods of performance, can be framed both in the scheme of self-employment and in that of subordinate work.

In general, the figure of the IFS finds its first regulatory reference in the Consolidated Text of Health Laws RD 27 July 1934, n. 1265 Gazz. Phew. 9 August 1934 no. 186). Subsequently, with Circular no. 157 of 11/18/1972 of the Ministry of Health, it was intended to indicate the provisions that will become mandatory with the Laws enacted later. In particular, a first definitive arrangement comes from the Community Regulations of 1992. The European Commission has in fact elaborated a series of Directives which have concerned the homogenization of the legal provisions on scientific information, operating in the individual countries making up the Community. Of the aforementioned directives, (92/25, 92/26, 92/27, 92/28) the no. 92 / 28 EEC is implemented in Italy with the Legislative Decree 30 / 12 / 1992 n. 541 : Advertising of medicines for use u

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