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The role of the isf after the spending review – Part II

Dear colleagues, friends and readers of this site, I find myself at the resumption of work, after the summer holidays, replying to some colleagues on a subject that has already been dealt with, which evidently has "touched" deep chords.

Just to be clear and explicit a few days ago, I intervened to talk about the role of the ISF after the spending review, expressing my opinion.


Evidently the subject dealt with, to tell the truth, was very thorny and provoked some interesting reactions from many colleagues. I proceeded to reply privately to some of them, who had sent me their opinion on my e-mail, but unfortunately I could not do it for all, missing some of them, the e-mail address.


I therefore take advantage of the Internet medium to thank these readers and to give public answers that may perhaps "reassure" other colleagues, who may have the same doubts, but who have not written and publicly expressed what they think.


The letters received from colleagues contain legitimate doubts. First of all, I must specify that my intervention on this subject was intended to throw a stone into the pond and to make it clear that the ISFs are not stupid sheep and that one cannot do what one wants with them.


Lately many and many speeches by the isfs also published on the websites have opened the eyes of public opinion and of everyone on the pharmaceutical industry and therefore speaking and expressing one's own vision from the inside can only be good for our tortured sector.


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