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Scientific information on the mobile phone?

  Smart phone in the breast pocket of doctors' white coats for the 80% by 2012. This is the prediction of Manhattan Research, which accounts for the very high number of health professionals who have now become 'inseparable' from their handyman mobile phone, above all for reasons of work, but also for leisure. An army that is destined to grow rapidly, even in the coming years.

Experts therefore highlight the importance of creating applications for 'intelligent' mobile phones dedicated precisely to the medical world, with functions that include drug prescription, patient monitoring, medical-scientific information, professional updating and the administrative management of the activity.

To date, Apple has offered the largest number of 'ad hoc' applications for doctors, around five thousand against the 'scarce' 500 of the second largest 'virtual store' of programs for smart phones, Google's Android Market.

Even the presence of access to the web via mobile phone is essential, assures Manhattan Research, which advises American pharmaceutical companies to 'get smart', and renew their marketing initiatives by exploiting the potential of these new and beloved means of communication.

Barbara Di Chiara – pharmakronos – March 10, 2010

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