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England, MMG at the supermarket

Not just medicines, but also visits to the family doctor in British supermarkets. This is the proposal contained in some plans, currently being examined by Tony Blair's government, which envisage the rental of space in supermarkets in areas where white coats are scarce. The proposal, as reported by the "British Medical Journal", did not please British doctors too much because it was seen as a possible attempt to privatize the national health service. It is not the intention of the authorities, the journal continues, to deprive family doctors of their leadership in the task of dispensing primary care. Rather, the change should be seen as a "wake up call", because if supermarkets offer long-hour services, general practitioners must also be ready to extend their services and organize themselves better.
The national director for primary care, David Colin-Thome, he thinks that "renting the 'advanced' spaces of supermarkets to a family doctor is a positive idea, provided that the principles of good practice are maintained". From General Medicine 04-04-07

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