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Isf and tablets: American doctors are not satisfied

The approvals FDA of 2012: we are making progress?

Only 13 drugs on 37 (35%) were licensed to Big Pharma. This is online with i data of last 8 years, when the share of Big Pharma he swung between the 25% and the 40%.
Based on the data
historians, only 4 or 5 Of these 13 drugs they will become blockbusters. The rest will average to approx  $500 million. This is not sufficient to support the sales of the top 13 pharmaceutical companies than in 2011 they were just under $ 400 billions of dollars. Despite the best intentions their managing directors ", can be expected a significant one turbulence more after you.
The companies
that they need new drugs not there gets more. Since 2005, Abbott, AstraZeneca And Lilly they have altogether received 3 approvals NME (except those of image), a performance problematic for companies that, historically, have made a great contribution to innovation. Compared, the first 3 companies, Johnson & Johnson, GSK extension, Novartis they have received 31 approvals during the same period.
top pharmaceutical companies  they spend approx $72 billion the year into R&D.

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