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The spending review works in mid-August: the discounts on medicines are starting.


The working spending reviewnow in mid-August: the squeeze on the rents of the PA and the discounts on medicines are starting

by Andrea Carli – Il Sole 24 Ore – 15 August 2012

The spending review "works" on August 15th. Medicines, but also purchases promoted by public administrations, restoration activities promoted by private individuals, disposals of properties by social security institutions, even horse racing: these are some of the sectors on which the provision launched by the Monti government is already producing effects today. All novelties which, when compared to the reorganization of the provinces, the reduction of hospital beds or the safeguarding of another 55,000 "displaced" workers, perhaps have a more contained value, but that does not mean they deserve to go under the radar. Bad news for art lovers and those who look at horses: in the first case, state contributions for voluntary conservation interventions on cultural heritage are suspended from today (until 31 December 2015); in the second there is the farewell to the agency for the development of the horse sector (Assi).

From healthcare to the Pa: what changes from today Let's extrapolate from the cauldron, just to understand each other, all those measures that apply starting from the entry into force of the law converting the spending review decree, therefore from today. The discount due to the NHS by pharmacists becomes 2.25%; that on the shoulders of pharmaceutical companies (and paid by them directly to the Regions) rises to 4.1 per cent. If healthcare is in the forefront, the public administration follows closely: as of today, contracts entered into by the public administration that violate the obligation to procure through the purchasing tools made available by Consip are null and void. In these cases, the disciplinary offense and administrative liability are triggered. Discrimination against small and medium-sized enterprises is also prohibited in tenders. Again from August 15, then, for passive lease agreements entered into by the PA that expire or are renewed, the fees must be reduced by 15% compared to what was previously paid. The public administration is also invested on the side of social security institutions: in fact, to facilitate the real estate disposals of these subjects, the deadline for the tenants to exercise the right of pre-emption on the purchase of homes cannot be less than 120 days from upon receipt of the institution's invitation. However, the law provides that the terms that have not yet expired on the date of entry into force of the law converting the provision on the spending review are extended by law by 120 days.

Reorganization of ministries with Dpcm The spending review begins with effects also on ministries: from today and until 31 December, their reorganization regulations must be adopted with Dpcm on a proposal from the competent minister, in agreement with the minister for the Public Administration and that of 'Economy. Pending the reorganization of the Provinces (the Regions with ordinary statute have until 13 October) the metropolitan conference arrives: from today - as the law provides - it is established without additional charges

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