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Letta: «Certainties for companies for 3 years». Healthcare cuts for 2.65 billion in the three-year period

"Enough of the indiscriminate blocking of turnover, enough of incompetence" is the appeal launched by the Piedmontese health unions, a total of twenty acronyms including doctors, nurses, managers and psychologists, at the top Regional leaders who, with their choices "are putting our health care system is on its knees. And to challenge regional health management, a demonstration is scheduled for tomorrow in Turin. The unions speak of "(dis)organizational engineering" which has led to savings due to "staff cuts, reduction of services, delayed payment to accredited structures, social cooperatives, companies entrusted with contracts". And again «every decision was made with arrogance, without confrontation with the social partners, with the professional associations, with the mayors who represent the citizens. "There seems to be a particular persistence in destroying what works, without affecting the real waste" concludes the press release "but rather increasing it (see the salaries of federation administrators)". The union protest immediately opened the "quarrel" between two leading candidates in Piedmont in the next elections, Renato Balduzzi and Ignazio Marino. «We need to understand the reason for the health deficit in Piedmont. I will propose a technical table for truth operation," the Minister of Health commented on his Twitter profile Renato Balduzzi. «By Councilor Monferino's own admission, Piedmont is already technically bankrupt. More than a technical table, a real recovery plan and a commissioner are needed. Why didn't Renato Balduzzi realize it in his year as minister?», he replied to Balduzzi's declaration Ignatius Marino

MM – February 14 – Doctor33

Healthcare, the transparency operation starts

02/14/2013 – The Republic – SARA STRIPPOLI

Balduzzi summons the governors Ghigo, Bresso and Cota to Rome The table - truth will start after l

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