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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. What are the common sense proposals for the pharmaceutical industry?

Dear colleagues, friends and readers of this site, this morning I read with some astonishment in the Pharmakronos newsletter of 03.08.2013 an article so called " Bracco, pragmatic and common sense proposals”.


As soon as I entered the article I started rubbing my eyes and wondering if I was still asleep or was I already awake.


While understanding that Dr. Diana Bracco was responding to journalists in her role as vice president of Confindustria for Research and Innovation, I thought that depending on the roles occupied, one can obviously have equal and opposite ideas and actions. This is unfortunately the typical example of Italian industrial vision.


Fortunately for Dr. Bracco, among the journalists there was no scientific informant of her company or of other pharmaceutical companies who could ask her the question that now arises spontaneously. “ But what pragmatic and common sense proposals are you talking about? “


The interview continues as follows:


“ As for the steps needed to fight the crisis and help the business world, Bracco recalled that "during the electoral campaign we presented the document 'We must grow, we can grow' which is very detailed. It was presented to all the political parties ", all came except the 5 Star Movement with which we did not have this type of confrontation. Now we have to see what happens."


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