Lorenzin vaccinates the twins: "Moms don't be afraid". Mega spot for Codacons for the pharmaceutical industry

Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin vaccinated her twins, Lavinia and Francesco, with the hexavalent in the vaccination center of the ASL Rm/E this morning in Rome. “I vaccinated my children and no one more than me in Italy has the data and case histories of side effects and is informed. I hope that the fact that I am so serene about vaccinating them can reassure the many mothers who are afraid of vaccines”, declared the minister as she left the clinic, underlining how even in recent months many mothers “have contacted me to ask me what I would have done. I replied with serenity that I would have vaccinated them ".

“Vaccinations shouldn't be afraid – Lorenzin invites – They save the lives of our children and those who live around them, because viruses live among us and only with mass vaccinations do they not enter our lives. Let's see what happens when there are holes in the system: children dying of measles, whooping cough epidemic and cases of meningitis.

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Health, Minister Lorenzin vaccinates his children: mega spot for Codacons for the pharmaceutical industry

Serious statements by the minister who fails to inform about the risks of the vaccine and the higher costs for citizens produced by the hexavalent

Thursday, 10 September 2015 – CODACONS

The Minister of Health, Beatrice Lorenzin, today created a free mega spot in favor of the pharmaceutical industry. Codacons denounces it, commenting on the Minister's statements on the occasion of the vaccination to which his children were subjected.

We believe what happened today is very serious, and Lorenzin's statements are equally serious - explains President Carlo Rienzi - A minister of the Republic should never go overboard in favor of the economic interests of private subjects, in this case pharmaceutical companies, by advertising their products. If as a mother Lorenzin has the full right to make the choices she deems best for her children, as a minister she has the duty to provide correct information to citizens and protect the interests of the community".

In particular, Codacons contests the statements in favor of mass vaccination, considered to be free from any risk. It is a pity the Minister did not specify that the National Health Service injects our children with a hexavalent vaccine, despite the law recognizing only 4 mandatory vaccines, a practice which can lead to damage from overload and shock of the immune system in children, while on the economic front the procedure involves a waste of public money paid by the NHS, and therefore by the community, equal to 114 million euros a year, to the benefit of multinational drug companies - concludes Codacons.

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