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Menarini loses the appeal in Strasbourg It was presented in 2008

Florence, 27 September 2011 – At the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, Menarini, a pharmaceutical company based in Florence, has lost its case against the Italian state. The judges considered that Menarini's right to a fair trial against a decision of the Antitrust Authority had been respected.

The appeal, presented in 2008, concerned the alleged impossibility of appealing before a court with full jurisdiction against the decision of the Agcm to impose a fine of 6 million euros for having fixed the price of a diabetes test with other pharmaceutical companies. Despite having paid the fine, Menarini had appealed to the Tar, then to the Council of State and finally to the Cassation, questioning the legality of the acts of the competition and market authority, both as regards the conclusions of the AGCM investigation and the amount of the fine. After losing these appeals one after the other, Menarini has now lost the one in Strasbourg as well. The judges of the Court, a body of the Council of Europe, in fact underlined that unlike what Menarini claimed, the latter was able to defend its interests before a court that had full jurisdiction over the acts undertaken by the Agcm.


  The European Court of Human Rights

Menarini to Lucia Aleotti "No partners, we're left alone"


Under the leadership of Alberto Aleotti, Menarini went from a turnover of a couple of billion lire to over 3 billion euro, from 180 to 13,000 employees. It is present in 100 countries and produces abroad, where there are 8 of its 12 plants, almost 75% of the total production

Yes to the generational change in the leadership of the company with the advent of Lucia Aleotti at the top, no to the opening of the share capital to the outside. With these answers, the Florentine pharmaceutical group Menarini, first in Italy with a market share of 8% and entirely in the hands of the Aleotti family, faces the «emergencies&ra

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