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Morselli (Filctem), I defend the chemical contract and I resign

Rome, 24 Sept. (Labitalia) – "Succeeding in renewing the contract of such an important category with Federchimica and Farmindustria is, in these times and in this economic situation, in itself a remarkable result. In addition, it is a unitary renewal and I have always been a supporter of union unity, because, if it is missing, it is the workers who pay the price". So Alberto Morselli, resigned general secretary of Filctem Cgil, defends the hypothesis of renewal of the national contract for chemists, signed together with the employer counterparts, by Filctem Cgil, Femca Cisl and Uilcem Uil.

A signing which was followed closely by the resignation as general secretary of the CGIL chemists' organization by Morselli, 55 years old, from Modena, with a very long experience in the ranks of the Corso d'Italia union (he started in 1978 with the construction workers, after having been employed in the Mirandola furnace). At the basis of the resignation, Morselli himself explains, "reasons that preceded the signing of this contract", recalling how "at least with a somewhat strange practice for a large union" he had already been the subject of "acts of no confidence with confidential letters".

But it seems that the confederal CGIL did not even like a certain part of the contract. "We have chosen to approve this text, and I stress the plural - says Morselli - because the negotiating delegation did it with me just as the assembly of 300 people told me to go ahead with the negotiation, and to trust the RSU, betting on their more important role in the precise definition of the opportunities that the contract opens up on issues such as flexibility in the company or productivity. I have faith in the RSU, I'm not afraid of it but, of course, giving more space to the RSU is an unsolvable problem for the CGIL, just as the crux of contractual democracy is unresolved, with procedures that must be regulated if unitary agreements are to be made".

Morselli says he is "serene" and defends the work done, but has resigned "to allow the category to face the debate on the contract and on the rest, without the 'problem' Morselli Alberto". "And if the category does not think like me, it is entitled to make any decision".

"The criticism that came from certain quarters of the confederal CGIL was also that of having closed the contract too early –

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