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'ISFLABOR' start-up is born


Nasce “Isflabor”: start up per informatori senza lavoro


"Isflabor" is born: a start-up for jobless informers   

An operation to deal with the employment difficulties of the Isfs, with personalized contracts and various forms of collaboration

 Laws: http://www.aboutpharma.com/news/farmaco/nasce-isflabor-start-up-per-informatori-senza-lavoro/

"Isflabor" is born: a start-up for jobless informers



"Allow retired colleagues to capitalize on the skills acquired through years of work, the true heritage of the profession of drug sales representative". For this purpose, Isflabor srl was born, a start-up conceived and built "in view of the current employment difficulties of the Isfs, resulting from the numerous procedures for reducing personnel".

The members of the professional associations and those of some Isf unions - explains a note - have asked for aggregate forms of work to be activated: Isflabor srl has purchased a business branch with products that it intends to present to doctors and pharmacists through a network of Isf, offering customized contracts and forms of collaboration compatible with redundancy fund and mobility status.

The company, through the products it already has and others in the process of being registered, intends to provide whistleblowers no longer in business with the opportunity to use the wealth of knowledge, skills and abilities they possess, possibly also providing them products to be promoted and marketed on their own.

June 21, 2013 – PharmaKronos






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