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Source NOMOS – January 12, 2021

Recovery in CDM but the Government is on the verge of crisis

The Recovery plans is saved in the Council of Ministers, then Teresa Bellanova and Elena Bonetti they open the Government crisis with their resignations: the fact does not exist yet, but the scenario of the rupture, which begins to circulate late yesterday morning, is this. They are the same moments in which Joseph Conte announces to Tg3 the approval of the relaunch and resilience plan in tonight's CDM: "We have to run, we work to build", he says, dismantling Renzian's accusation of immobilism. It risks not being enough: Matthew Renzi raises the request to take the month and continues to complain about the absence of responses from the premier. If the ministers really resign, the challenge with Conte could move to Parliament: the prime minister has always said that in the event of a crisis he will check with the Chambers if he has a majority and does not seem to have changed his mind. The offer on the table for the redial is still that of a legislature agreement, as strongly requested by the Democratic Party, and a substantial reshuffle. However, Iv asks for a "discontinuity" in the merits and in the method that should pass from the resignation of the prime minister to give life to a Count ter, a request so far rejected to the sender by the head of government. In the evening Goffredo Bettini, who continues to keep a channel open between Renzi and Conte, says more and while he considers the hypothesis of supporting Conte by a part of "responsible" to be impracticable, he defines "not a heresy" to reason about the involvement of a part Of Come on Italy. Possible? So far the Azzurri have excluded him but if the crisis were to break out, a lot would depend on the moves of the Democratic Party, they observe from the centre-right. We are not at that point yet; the Dems work for that verify which they themselves have been calling for for months.

The only certainty seems to be for now the approval of Recovery plans in cdm and sending the plan to the Chambers. The passage is the result of the moral suasion of the Quirinal: the stakes are too high to put at risk in a government verification. The minister worked hard on the text Robert Gualtieri with colleagues Enzo Amendola And Pepe Provenzano. “The draft isn't there yet, I'm fed up”, she blurts out in the afternoon Teresa Bellanova. But the Renzians demine the passage of the Recovery: they wait to read the text and they will be in the CDM without hindering its approval, he explains Hector Rosato, which means an explicit yes or an abstention. After all, the CDM could limit itself to discussing and acquiring the text without a formal vote. In the Road map drawn by Joseph Conte in line with the Democratic Party, at which point the Recovery would go to the Chambers for quick approval (a week or maybe two). And the table for the legislative program would open. However, this pattern could be broken by resignation of Renzian ministers, because, as Renzi says, not all the answers can be contained in the Recovery, but the vision must be clear there, from month to infrastructure, to justice. And so far, observe from Iv, no response has come.

Teresa Bellanova makes it a matter of institutional correctness of the prime minister. And he explains that she is ready to leave without answers on the legislature program, as well as on the Recovery. If this happened after the Council of Ministers, according to some Conte could rise to Quirinal and then open an extreme attempt to give life to a Count ter. Different hypotheses continue to arise, from an undersecretary to the presidency of the council for the Pd to two ministries of weight for Maria Elena Boschi and Hector Rosato. Renzi rules out his joining the team, but we talk about that too, provided that a communication channel can be established. If, as it seems in the last few hours, there will remain an abyss between the prime minister and the Renzians, the most probable scenario appears to be that of challenge in the classroom: the spectrum is still that of early vote, even if Renzi sends his deputies a projection according to which it would not be convenient for the Democratic Party, because all the constituencies would go to the centre-right. The bet of the Renzians, if those responsible or a piece of Fi fail to support Conte, is a government led by the Democratic Party or broad agreements, with Cartabia or Draghi premier. But at that point everything would depend not only on the Dems but also on the Five stars, for which Conte now seems to be the only point of equilibrium.

In the Senate

L'Senate assembly will meet again at 16.30 to examine some of them proposals for the ratification of international treaties; specifically, it will discuss the bill for the ratification and execution of the Convention of the International Labor Organization for the elimination of violence and harassment in the workplace adopted in Geneva on 21 June 2019 during the 108th session of the General Conference, on the ratification and execution of the exchange of notes amending the Convention of 19 March 1986 for fishing in Italian-Swiss waters and on the ratification of the Protocol amending the Convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The Senate Committees

As regards the Commissions, the Constitutional affairs will hold several hearings as part of the discussion on the establishment of a commission of inquiry into the dissemination of false information and some on the constitutional pdl on the constraint for the legislator following an abrogative referendum, and will discuss the bill for the establishment of the national day of COVID-19 victims. There Justice will examine the bill on the honorary judiciary. There Defence will listen to ENEL representatives on the assigned deal relating to cyber security profiles pertaining to national defense and at 14.00, with the respective Chamber, will listen to the Minister of Economic Development Stephen Patuanelli as part of the examination of the multi-year planning document for defense for the three-year period 2020-2022. There Instruction, in meeting with the Work, will hold several hearings on the draft legislative decree for the reorganization and reform of the provisions on the subject of professional and amateur sports bodies as well as sports work. There Public Works it will then discuss the outline of the decree of the President of the Council of Ministers for the identification of infrastructural interventions and the outline of the industrial plan of the company.

There Agriculture will listen to the Head of the Department of European International Policies and Rural Development of the MIPAAF on the assigned deal relating to the problems connected to the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP); it will then examine the bill on snail farming, the bill for the production and definition of high quality Italian artisan ice cream, the bill on the trade of snails and the one on the regulation of the horticultural sector. Subsequently, he will discuss the bill for the promotion of hemp cultivation and the agro-industrial chain, the bill on organic farming and the bill for the limitation of the below-cost sale of agricultural products and the ban on double-reduction auctions. There Workit will hold various hearings on the proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on adequate minimum wages in the European Union and will discuss the bill for the single and universal allowance. Healthcare will continue the cycle of hearings on the subject of anti-Covid-19 vaccines and will examine the bill on family nurses. There Territory tomorrow at 10.00 he will listen to the Minister of the environment and the protection of the territory and the sea Sergio Costa on the Italian initiative connected to the organization of the next COP26 and the COP Giovani as well as on the effectiveness of the network Green helmets. Subsequently, he will discuss the framework Community act for the achievement of climate neutrality and the bill for urban regeneration.

To the Chamber

L'Chamber of the Chamber will return to meet at 11.00 for the performance of the interpellations and interrogations. He will then vote on the preliminary questions on decree to deal with the health risks associated with the spread of the COVID-19 virus It is on deadline extension decree. He will then discuss the motions for the care and support of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the motion for an extensive program of investments and measures in the health sector in relation to the emergency from COVID-19, and the motions on the role of the Ministry of Economy and Finance in the ambit of the sale process of the Borsa Italiana company.

House Committees

There Constitutional affairs with the Balance, will examine the decree extension of terms. There Justice will hold several hearings on the pdl for access to the legal profession. The commissions Foreign the cycle of hearings of the fact-finding investigation relating to Italy's foreign policy for peace and stability in the Mediterranean will continue. There Finances will examine the corrective decree to the budget law approved on 30 December 2020. The Culture, with the Work, hearings will continue on the draft legislative decree for the reorganization and reform of the provisions concerning professional and amateur sports bodies as well as sports work, while with theEnvironment the cycle of hearings will continue on the draft legislative decree on the reorganization and reform of the safety standards for the construction and operation of sports facilities and on the legislation on the modernization or construction of sports facilities. There Transportation will hold hearings on the state of local public transport with reference to the health emergency. There Productive activities, in meeting with Social Affairs, will examine the decree to deal with the health risks associated with the spread of the COVID-19 virus. There Work will examine the pdl on the provisions on work, employment and increased productivity. There Agriculture the debate on the pdl for the protection and enhancement of peasant agriculture will continue.

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