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Novartis bets on data to cut drug costs

 Bringing a new medicine to market is a huge undertaking. Between scientific research in the laboratory and the necessary clinical tests pass on average 11 years old and investments are consequently exorbitant, to the point that only large multinationals can afford the risk and have the ability to raise capital.

The Swiss drug giant Novartis, in our country at the center of a complex story concerning theantitrust, the Ministry of Health and the National Health System, has chosen the path of technology.

During the Innovating for Patients event at the end of June organized at the company's Basel headquarters, Novartis Pharma's general manager of development Tim Wright showed a series of data for which a new molecule, at the time of commercialization, has added costs for a total of 4.6 billion dollars (3.4 billion euros). And one billion dollars of these costs derive from the failure of the molecules in the so-called phase 3 of the development, which is one of the last steps before the definitive approval by the authorities that govern the pharmaceutical market.

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