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'unruly' patients

Patients not very 'patient' and diligent in following the doctor's instructions. They start a box of medicines and then stop halfway through, forget to take the pill at the right time, or decide to stop the therapy due to side effects or cost.

Thus every year in the United States alone there are 125,000 premature deaths of people who do not take prescribed medicines 'properly', with 100 billion dollars in losses in terms of health care costs and productivity.

This is underlined by Scott Neslin, professor of Marketing at the Tuck School of Business in Dartmouth (USA), who examined the consequences of modern patients' negligence and lack of perseverance. Highlighting enormous damage to health services and the pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, according to the study, young people are more distracted in following therapeutic indications. Neslin's research revolves around two factors: the absence of perseverance and the outright negligence of patients.

By comparing the behavior of 4,658 patients with the characteristics of 253 different types of prescribed medicines, Nelsin identified the type of patient most likely to complete the treatments and, on this basis, drew up a list of suggestions for devising more effective drug therapies and marketing strategies.

Margherita Lopes – 4 October 2011 – PharmaKronos

  Scott Neslin

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