Pharma-2018, many new drugs and mergers

The positive momentum of the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors in 2017 looks set to continue in 2018, with the arrival of innovative new medicines and investor support for the sector remaining strong. This according to an analysis by Ep Vantage, which foresees several green light granted by the American Food and Drug Administration and an increase in mergers and acquisitions, led by the large pharmaceutical industry which must 'restock' pipelines and unburden US tax reforms.

The Pharma & Biotech 2018 Preview report projects Gilead's new '3-in-1' HIV therapy to be the hottest new arrival to market, with expected sales of $5 billion by 2022. The anti-TNF alfa adalimumab by Abbvie will instead be the best-selling drug in 2018, with a turnover that will exceed 20 billion dollars worldwide.

2018 – the analysis document reveals again – will be 'year X' to verify the validity of commercial expectations linked to new therapies such as Car-T and gene therapy, on which the 'cost spotlight' is increasingly focused. Important results also in the field of immuno-oncology, where investments remain very large indeed.

“Venture capital funds are very well stocked for 2018, and both public and private investors look set to continue supporting companies developing innovative medicines, even at early stage,” says Amy Brown, report author . “However – he specifies – to maintain the interest of investors this year, the industry will have to achieve some great results in the pipeline and guarantee the launch of important new products”.

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