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Generic prices, Dompé: don't continue with the cuts

«We need to ask the State and the Regions not to continue with a policy of depletion of healthcare funding": said the president of Farmindustria, Sergio Dompé, yesterday in Rome, commenting on the question of the prices of generic drugs on the sidelines of the presentation of the Report on biotechnology in Italy. «I believe» he added «that today industry must make a small sacrifice, which it has done», sacrifices will be made by the citizens, who will have to pay «a modest participation, of one euro or one and a half euro», but the State and the Regions must do their part. The "recipe", according to Dompé, "is appropriateness, starting with pensions", in which "Italy spends 20% more than Europe, while it spends 15% less in healthcare and on average 30% less on medicines". For Dompé "our pharmaceutical system is, in Europe, the one with the lowest costs for the State and for citizens". Recently, he added, "cuts have been made in terms of reimbursements which in some cases fail to cover the production costs of drugs in Europe": if the cuts were to be maintained or expanded, he said again, "the possibility of continuing with the Italian plants would be jeopardized. This, strategically, would be a very serious mistake: we would be giving away our production capacity to systems that have much lower costs than ours».

Pharmacist33 – 5 May 2011

Dompé, Tremonti knows our problems

Let's see what will happen to research with a development decree

 "Definitely the Minister of Economy, Giulio Tremonti, everyone knows "our" problems and we'll stay to see what will come out of the development decree", i

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