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Open letter to Femca CISL from the President Fedaiisf


Some people just can't follow the dictates of the role they fill. Reason why, sooner or later, in everyone's life, there comes a moment when it is necessary to intervene decisively to put things right, to clarify things and, when necessary, to distance oneself from certain people. The measure is full, it is no longer the time to be diplomatic and/or compliant.

This preamble to make it clear to the reader that I will not be kind

On 12 January 2021, Femca CISL sent a letter to the Minister of Health, Hon Roberto Speranza, to the Minister of Economic Development, Sen. Stefano Patuanelli and to the State Regions Conference.

This letter requests the extension of the anti SARS-COV-2 vaccination to all workers in the chemical/pharmaceutical sector with access to hospitals.

Said like this, there seems to be nothing to say, indeed, as an initiative it would seem very commendable because it seems to worry about some categories of workers who, despite running a high risk of contagion, have not been considered by the national vaccination plan. In fact it seems to refer to the Scientific Representatives of the drug.

The conditional is obligatory because in reading the text of this letter, in the fourth paragraph of the first page, we read verbatim: "...we point out that the only official, complete and updated list of the ISFs active in every single Region is the one provided annually by pharmaceutical companies to AIFA, ignoring any other accreditation attempt”.

This period embodies and demonstrates all the ignorance and incapacity of those who direct the Femca CISL. This ignorance already emerges from the list of recipients in which the Minister of Health is indicated as Honorable, the Minister of Economic Development, however, as an engineer, as if to say that for them, this Minister is not equally Honorable.

According to the writer of the letter, the scientific representatives of the drug are only those included in the CCNL and those who, although hired with commission contracts, work for drug companies and for which the same companies are obliged to communicate the lists, distinct by region, to AIFA. They absolutely do not take into consideration all the others, the many whistleblowers with VAT-registered contracts, who probably represent at least 60% of the total and who work for supplement, parapharmaceutical and medical device companies. There is no such obligation for such companies. Furthermore, even among those on the drug there is no certainty that they all do it. This means that, following the logic of the Femca CISL, these whistleblowers would not have the right to protect themselves in order to carry out their work. Indeed, they would not even have the dignity to exercise their constitutional right to work.

The proof, in fact, is in the continuation of the letter, when they say that workers in the pharmaceutical sector must be vaccinated by referring "to the many professional profiles pertaining to the Chemical/Pharmaceutical CCNL…”, also making the list. Among other things, this list also includes professionals who are not informants and of which the companies have obviously not communicated anything to AIFA, therefore, as Femca says, they cannot be accredited. Evidently they express the will that only those who are part of the CCNL, therefore those who can potentially sign up for a membership with them, are deserving of trade union protection. For them all others can safely disappear. In this way they betray the basic mandate of a trade union which is to protect the rights of all workers, not just those who are registered or potentially eligible for membership. Yet these whistleblowers carry out the same work, in the same ways and times as those "relevant" to the CCNL. They are often part of the false VAT numbers tolerated by these blind, dumb and deaf trade union organizations in the face of the violated rights of these workers who remain second-class even in the face of COVID-19.

Another thing that appears very evident, and frankly very demeaning, is the shameful attempt to discredit the Association of which I am honored to represent. The phrase “…ignoring any other attempts at accreditation…” clearly refers to those who, like us at FEDAIISF, have actively and constructively engaged, every day, to protect the dignity and workplace of the entire category, not just the members, regardless of the contract, role or product presented. Fedaiisf is the only structure that represents the entire category and of which it can provide a census, albeit a very approximate one. In practice, Fedaiisf did what Femca CISL should have done. And here the conflict of interest of the leaders of this union also comes out. How can they be trusted if instead of protecting workers they are concerned with discrediting a voluntary-based trade association? They should have been concerned with activating that famous technical table on scientific information, much heralded just over a year ago and never actually made operational. Instead, not only did they do everything to keep him from starting (they would have had to deal with thorny topics such as the failure to comply with the law governing the activity of scientific information representatives which occurred with their signing of the CCNL), but they are concerned with discriminating against workers of the same category and throwing mud at the association that represents them all. The question arises: what is the interest of Femca CISL? Defend the workers or your position of power over them?

This is the second time this has happened. The first was a few months ago regarding the question of access to the Perugia hospital. Also on that occasion the Femca CISL underlined that only informants "related" to the CCNL had the right to access it and "a private association” was not entitled to provide lists of any kind. I take this opportunity to ask the Femca CISL what it means by "private association”? Could you, on the other hand, give me an example of a public association?

In the light of what has been expressed so far and taking into account the unreliability of the managers of this union acronym, I request, indeed I demand to have a meeting with all the union representatives "related" to the CCNL, as a technical expert, as a representative, against my will, of all scientific information workers. I will be able to show them how the sector is structured and how far it is from the collective imagination. This to guarantee the transparency of the actions to be taken in defense of the category and also to understand who is really interested in protecting the rights of the worker called Scientific Informant.

The whole category is waiting for a response to this letter.

     Dr. Antonio Mazzarella

FEDAIISF National President

Press release of January 14, 2021

Related news: Femca CISL press release on vaccinations. It is hoped that the Regions will decide to equate the figure of the ISF to that of other social and health workers

Fedaiisf: violation of the right to work enshrined in the Constitution? Letter to Femca


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