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PHARMACEUTICAL PRESS REVIEW from 23 to 26 May of AboutPharma

Press Review from 23/05/08 to the 26/05/08 

"Google, an 'engine' also for DNA"

(the Business Republic & Finance: p. 1 – 26 May 2008)

Google has entered into 23andMe, a US company created by biologist Anne Wojicki (wife of the co-founder of Google) and manager Linda Avey, to sell a kit for the detection of genetic heritage via the Internet for 999 dollars. The fear is that Google aims to store and index the human genetic heritage.



"Coop, how bitter over-the-counter medicine is"

(CorrierEconomia: page 8 – 26 May 2008)

The sale of the first Coop-branded drug did not please Farmindustria or the pharmacy owners. Sergio Dompé, president of Farmindustria, declares: 'I complain about two competitive distortions. The pharmaceutical industry, by law, cannot distribute drugs. Coop is a distributor and can produce. An anomaly: why they can and we can't?'. The other distortion is fiscal: 'Coop has a different, more favorable tax system: now it is also extending to industrial activities. It is a distortion that I will ask the Government to put right'. Aldo Soldi, President of Coop, explains that taking this step has not been easy: 150 health corners were to be opened by 2007, but currently there are 80 and moreover the CoopHealth division it accounts for only 1.44% on the sales of a hypermarket.

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