Growing reputation of the Pharma. AbbVie the best reputation

The pharma sector in Italy can boast a strong reputation. Abbvie wins the first place and all foreign industries appear in the top five positions. Primacy to Zambon which is the only Italian company in the 'top 10'.

Logo dell'Istituto di ReputazioneThis is the 2017 Italy Pharma RepTrak ranking of the Reputation Institute, which measures the reputation of the most appreciated and recognized companies in Italy in the Pharma sector. The Reputation Institute's RepTrak model measures the perception of the Italian population in relation to 26 companies out of 7 rational dimensions that represent the key to reputation assessment: products and services, innovation, work environment, governance, social and environmental responsibility, leadership and performance. An 'excellent' reputation is represented by an overall RepTrak score of 80 points or better. A score of 70-79 is considered 'strong', 60-69 is 'medium', while 40-59 is 'weak'.

Here then are the top ten spots: AbbVie (76.5), Novo Nordisk (75.2), Amgen (74.4), Eli Lilly (73.8), Msd (73.8), Janssen (73.6) , Zambon (73.4), Bayer (73.2), Merck (73.1) and Allergan (73.1). The US biopharmaceutical AbbVie – after gaining international leadership in the special ranking of the 15 markets analyzed by the Reputation Institute – therefore also leads the Immagine correlataItalian ranking 2017, followed by the Danish Novo Nordisk (75.2) and Amgen (74.4).

It is the first time that the Pharma sector, a sector often in the eye of the storm, has recorded a strong growing reputation compared to last year, surpassing sectors traditionally appreciated by Italians such as tourism and the media sector. But fellow citizens confirm, even in the pharmaceutical sector, that they have a greater bond with non-Italian companies.

Only one 'tricolor' among the top 10: Zambon (7), followed by Angelini (14), Dompè (16), Menarini (17), Recordati (19), Chiesi (22) and Bracco (25). However, only 3 out of 10 Italians declare that they know at least one pharmaceutical company and among them only 1 out of 2 has a clear awareness of the activity carried out.

“Pharmaceuticals is a sector that, in order to strengthen its reputation, must increase its ties with people and tell more about itself,” explains Sara Fargion, manager of the Reputation Institute. "A fortiori in the pharmaceutical sector it is no longer enough to talk about the product: ethics and impact on society are increasingly the yardstick that Italians use in evaluating a sector whose companies do not yet enjoy adequate notoriety among the general public".

PharmaKronos – September 19, 2017 

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