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The prosecutor serves the notice of the end of investigations to 11 suspects

by Gigi Paoli

Careggi's director of plastic surgery is also accused of having favored a pharmaceutical company in exchange for a TV appearance

Florence, 15 February 2013 – Embezzlement, corruption, extortion, forgery and abuse of office. And, to put it in the words of the investigating judge Paola Belsito who put him under house arrest in March of last year, "a total disregard for the rules that should characterize the work of a doctor employed by a public facility".

It's a hair shirt of accusations what i pm Giuseppina Mione and Luca Turco they dispute the professor Mario Dini in the notice of conclusion of the investigation notified in these hours to the director of the Careggi plastic surgery department and to ten other people, including managers, doctors and professionals of the polyclinic and of a private company.

Dini, also director of the aesthetic reconstructive plastic school of the University of Florence, is accused of manipulating scholarships, research grants, admissions to specialization school and having trafficked with a pharmaceutical company, Mentor Medical of the «Johnson & Johnson group, to favor it in the use of its prostheses in exchange for a TV appearance. Alongside the professor, the former director of the unipolar spinal unit is being investigated for various reasons Sergio Aito and his relative and resident doctor Immaculate DeVivo; the medical director of Careggi Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Alberto Boccaccini; the dietician Daniela Panerai; Dini's medical collaborators, Fabio Quercioli And Diletta Vitali; the other doctor Francesco Sofia as a member (with Dini and Aito) of a selection board for the awarding of a research grant; and the scientific representatives of Mentor Medical, Salvatore D'Ambrosio, Gabriel Massi And Luca Spano.

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