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Healthcare in Varese, the hypothesis of extortion is gaining ground

MILAN The investigation into Varese's nursing homes is shedding light on the role of Senator Antonio Tomassini (PDL), a key figure in the relationship between the Lombard health director Carlo Lucchina and the building contractors Sandro and Antonello Polita. According to the thesis of the investigators, Tomassini would have introduced and helped the Politas to have contracts with the health sector of the Lombardy Region, thanks to his relations with Lucchina (both are from Varese), but then, in order to have returned the favour, he would have filled the Politas with no longer sustainable requests. For him, therefore, the hypotheses of crime could be both corruption and extortion.

The entrepreneurs, from presumed beneficiaries of the relationship between Tomassini and Lucchina, would therefore have turned into victims. This was ascertained last June by the Gdf, which allegedly found in a building owned by the Politas, in via Sommariva in Gallarate (Varese), the documentation of receipts paid by entrepreneurs to a craftsman for 300 million, for the renovation of villas owned by Tomassini. According to the first reconstructions, there is also talk of other "forcing" wanted by Tomassini, such as the request for sponsorship by the Politas of the city's basketball team. All this for having helped the Politas receive accreditation for the La Quiete clinic through Lucchina who, according to the investigators, may have received bribes or favours.

The Politas, to get out of the situation, therefore moved alone to the prosecutor's office in Milan, with more than a dozen complaints during 2012. From the Lombard capital, on December 7, the deputy prosecutor Alfredo Robledo then passed on his file to his colleagues in Varese. In the sights of the Varese prosecutor Agostino Abate there is now the management and accreditation system to the public health system of two clinics. In addition to La Quiete di Varese, there is also Miralago di Cuasso al Monte, in the province of Varese. For now, all four people involved in the affair are under investigation for corruption or extortion. According to rumors, a fifth suspect would be added to this, probably a secretary who worked both with the former Christian Democrat politician Antonio De Feo and with Tomassini. De Feo, who is not registered in the register of suspects, received a visit from the Gdf in his home two days ago.

La Quiete has already been at the center of investigations by the Varese investigators for years, and in fact the Gdf had already come into possession of the documentation necessary for the investigations for some time (while instead it went to the Miralago clinic two days ago). First it was brought to bankruptcy by the Polita brothers, then it was subsequently taken over by the Riva brothers, and finally bought by the Sant'Alessandro group of Rome.

According to the governor Roberto Formigoni, the new investigation into Lombardy health care is "yet another frame-up against the Lombardy Region, which has nothing to do with it". I ste

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