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Savona: taskforce of inspectors to check recipes

October 29, 2011

| Alberto Parodi

Savona – A task force of Local Health Authority "inspectors" who will check the prescriptions of family doctors and the work of pharmacists with the aim of saving the company one million euros within the year.

The ASL spends on average up to now 254 euros per capita for every citizen of the Savona area. The goal is to drop to 244 euros by the end of the year. However, this figure is still too high to balance according to the ASL offices.

An extraordinary plan is therefore needed to make further savings in the sector of drug consumption and patient prescriptions. The Asl 2 of Savona in fact, it has higher expenditure than the other Ligurian "sisters". And here is the intention to encourage, by doubling if not tripling, the checks on doctors and pharmacists to verify the contents of the recipes. In particular the appropriateness of dosages and types of medicine. The objective is to save the coffers of the ASL which by the end of the year will have to "cut" another million euros, after the 2.5 already saved since the beginning of the year for pharmaceutical expenditure. A task force is already at work of qualified personnel - scholarship holders from the Region with recent specialization in pharmacology - to check the prescriptions of family doctors and pharmacists and supervise their prescriptions and behaviour.

The task of screening the appropriateness of the prescriptions is aimed at increasing local health savings. To make it rise, after the 2.5 already recovered from the beginning of the year to 5 million for next year.

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