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Scaccabarozzi, no concessions. There are just certain rules

Pharmaceuticals "are not only an expense" but also "a value for the country". This was underlined by the president of Farmindustria Massimo Scaccabarozzi speaking in L'Aquila at a conference on biotech organized by the drug industry association, explaining that "in this country, our sector often passes from state welfare to forced private welfare", because "the expenditure ceilings are made maneuvers to raise cash ». The companies in the sector, he clarified, «do not need subsidies and financing, it would be sufficient to be able to operate in certain markets and be paid. We are the only country where the law is needed to pay suppliers». Moreover, "we are the last country for research, but we could be among the first because companies want to do research". Businesses "can play an important role, but the country must take responsibility to stop having an anti-industrial attitude, because otherwise there will be no more businesses".
Scaccabarozzi then focused on the delays in accessing innovative medicines, underlining how it is "important to eliminate all the obstacles that prevent rapid access to innovative medicines, which in Italy can arrive up to 2 years later than in the main EU countries". The consequences of these delays, continues Scaccbarozzi "are negative for both citizens and businesses".
For this we need «a stable regulatory framework, competitive conditions compared to the big EU and shorter times for access to innovation and the payment of public administration debts. Without forgetting the protection of intellectual property».

June 12, 2013 – DoctorNews33

L'Aquila and biotech, a strategic sector to restart
Abruzzo stage of "Biotech and drugs: new possibilities for treatment, an opportunity for the country". L'Aquila is one of the main biotech poles in Italy
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