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Scaccabarozzi: parallel trade, European price for supplies to private individuals

From an NSS triumph of technology in the treatment of chronic diseases thanks also to e-health to a scenario in which the need for a united Europe and a single pan-European health service will prevail, from preventive medicine that will overcome the concept of 'disease treatment' to a system that pays ever greater attention to the most vulnerable subjects, up to the hypothesis of a privatization of the entire Italian health service. What will the NHS be like when it grows up? What will his life be beyond the spending review?

The promoters of the 'Healthcare: scenarios and perspectives' project have tried to imagine it, born from the will of three partners: the Ceis - Center for Economic and International Studies of the Tor Vergata University of Rome, Il Sole 24 Ore Sanità and Janssen Italia. With the second publication, 'The future of the National Health Service: protagonists in comparison', presented in Milan, an attempt was made to overcome the 'contingent' and to think about the possible future scenarios of European and Italian healthcare, in a medium-long term perspective.

"About a year ago - explains Massimo Scaccabarozzi, president and CEO of Janssen Italia - we took up a study developed at European level with the 'Economist' to try to understand what the desirable scenarios could be for the future. We did not want to give solutions but to stimulate a debate that would involve everyone, not only the institutions, but also doctors, patient associations, all citizens, private insurance companies. The project does not stop: a web platform has been created to continue to collect the 'desired' and the addresses that the stakeholders want they will give".

"For a responsible government of the Health System, projecting forward is a duty, which also marries the interest of the industry. - declares the health economist and sc coordinator

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