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Scaccabarozzi: “Yes to the table with the Government. The drug is a driving force for development, but no more cuts"

Exclusive interview with the president of Farmindustria who applauds the proposal by Undersecretary De Vincenti to open a table for the relaunch of the sector. “We ask for a stable regulatory framework and broad policies for investment and innovation”.

19 APRMassimo Scaccabarozzi, president of Farmindustria, welcomes the announcement of the imminent opening of a discussion table with the Government on the prospects of the pharmaceutical sector, launched by the Undersecretary for Economic Development Claudio De Vincenti during the recent seminar on the drug industry organized by Safety in Health Foundation, but stresses that the measures envisaged in the July 2011 maneuver are already unsustainable for the sector and asks the Government for a stable regulatory framework that abandons the logic of cuts that have hit the sector in the last ten years.President, how do you judge the announcement of the imminent opening of a discussion table on the prospects of the pharmaceutical sector?The idea is excellent and we welcome it. Also because over the years the drug has often been seen only as an expense in itself while the drug can represent an important source of savings. But beyond this it is important to highlight that the Government also considers the sector as a source of growth and development and not just a sector to draw from.What are the critical issues in the sector, also in the light of the measures envisaged in the July maneuver, if a different agreement with the Health Pact were not reached?The measures imposed by the July package with planned cuts of 800 million euros are unacceptable and this penalizes us enormously, above all because it hits innovation hard, which instead represents a driving force for growth. We are aware of the economic difficulties but today we can no longer bear any manoeuvre, even that of July 2011.And the most pressing problems?The most urgent critical issues we have concern precisely the Health Pact and the specter of the VAT increase, which if it is included in the ceiling of s

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