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Scilipoti: meeting with the ISF in Milan

Milan, Saturday 25 September 2010.


The Hon Scilipoti, honorary president of the National Pharmaceutical Forum, met some ISF colleagues from the city who, on the occasion, underlined the serious situation faced by drug sales representatives, even if the companies they depend on do not show real economic suffering.

The last reason for concern for industry insiders concerns the redundancies proposed by Mediolanum-Neopharmed-Gentili which will be placed in CIGS without the company having submitted any industrial development plan to the unions, and with selection criteria that do not satisfy the laws in force at all.

Added to these are the announced dismissals of the Crinos company's drug information officers, who it seems could be replaced by informants hired under contracts  commission them. Which thing  it would tie the emoluments of these workers to the levels of sales recorded by the drugs pertaining to them, thus making the guarantee of correct information to prescribing doctors fail.

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