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Sigma Tau from Unindustria: discontent increases

The air at Sigma Tau is increasingly heavy, where workers, trade unionists and the company now seem all against each other. Workers now on layoffs don't feel protected by the trade unions, the RSU and the Unions are unable to get answers from the company management and the pharmaceutical company closes behind increasingly tough positions. Yesterday the parties met for the umpteenth time at the Unindustria headquarters to discuss incentives for voluntary mobility, but no agreement was reached: "We reaffirmed our position with respect to the need to guarantee workers a decent incentive similar to that obtained in the past - the unions stated - Faced with the company's closed position, it was not possible to sign an agreement. However, the Company has communicated its intention to resort to a mobility procedure that has voluntariness as the only requirement. On the issue of rotation, after we threatened the involvement of the competent Ministry, the DA has given availability for a meeting within the next week. If this does not happen, it is our intention to involve the Ministry". “The unions are hiding behind a statement that does not reveal the reality – declared the workers who went to the headquarters of Unindustria – To demonstrate our dissent we welcomed them with ironic applause, shouting “Shame”. That the behavior of the trade unionists throughout the negotiation was not optimal for the defense of all workers, but that it aimed to protect only a part of them is also demonstrated by the fact that, after the meeting on Wednesday, one of them resigned from his position admitting that more could have been done and that he no longer recognized himself in that system". "All of us - said an employee in CGIS - have made desperate requests and recommendations regarding the objective of the meeting, recalling that to date the commitments signed between the trade union organizations and the DA through the February agreement have not been kept and we have and with  unanimous voice we reiterated that every signature on those minutes had the weight of a boulder thrown at the workers ". For fear of riots, several vehicles from the police arrived on the scene. To complete the picture, yesterday, through the ISF Committee in defense of workers, 100 workers presented an appeal against the redundancy fund to Sigma Tau. "We believe it is illegal - they said - because the many sponsorship and advertising expenses that the company is making in these days demonstrate that the crisis does not exist and that the money is there, but they prefer to spend it in different ways".

May 24, 2012 – The Corriere della Città


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