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Sigma Tau promises investments of 125 million

POMEZIA From words to deeds. This is what the workers requested, at the end of the meeting at the Lazio Region Labor Department, regarding the sacrifices they will have to face to overcome this serious crisis that has hit one of the major Italian pharmaceutical companies such as Sigma-Tau of Pomezia.

The final goal must be the implementation of the Industrial Plan proposed by the company with 125 million euros of investments in three years, but to be countered by the layoffs of 125 employees, most of the research sector to which must be added the 278 already on the move since last January.

"The Rsu - say the unions - rejects traumatic tools for the management of employment aspects and reiterates that the appropriate tool to accompany the implementation of the Plan is the continuation of layoffs".

Sabatino Mele 16 November 2012 Il Tempo Chronicle of Rome


Comm. RSU Industrial Plan 30 October 2012.pdf

  1. Minutes meeting November 5, 2012.pdf

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