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Replacement, in Puglia the stakes for the pharmacist have been reduced

Wider laces for the replacement of generics in Apulian pharmacies. This is predicted by the agreement signed last week by the Region and Federfarma for the distribution of aids to diabetics. Indeed, in the agreement, the signatories agree on the need to review the limits which today prevent the pharmacist from substituting when the doctor indicates the commercial name of the generic in the prescription; with a measure to be adopted in the coming weeks, the Region will allow the replacement in all cases in which the proposed product has a price lower than or equal to the prescribed one. «It is a result that satisfies us» comments the president of Federfarma Puglia, Arnaldo Tempesta «because it gives the pharmacist more freedom with respect to stock management». As mentioned, the agreement defined the conditions for the distribution of aids for diabetics in pharmacies: the agreed unit fee amounts to 0.55 euros including VAT and the quantities to be dispensed are set by the family doctor on a monthly basis on the basis of the treatment plan approved by the ASL. «Furthermore» adds Tempesta «the agreement establishes the commitment of the Region to review the allowances for rural pharmacies by July, to review the law on summer shifts and to modify the rules on decentralization in a direction favorable to the owners, with greater flexibility».

Pharmacist33 –  July 4, 2011

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