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Spain: the Thalidomide producer will have to pay the damages

March, 11th 2013 PHARMASTAR*

Takeda Italia has today announced a partial reorganization of the Retail Business Unit which provides for the redundancy of 36 employees, including pharmaceutical reps and first line managers.

The number of redundancies initially envisaged was reduced from 71 positions to 36, with the creation of a new organizational method dedicated to promotion in the pharmacy channel. This was possible thanks to the close collaboration between the company management and the trade union organizations and with the aim of guaranteeing employment levels as much as possible. The Company has declared its willingness to discuss with the unions all the useful actions to safeguard the 36 redundancies identified.

For Takeda Italia, Primary Care continues to be a central market, despite the fact that it has suffered a sharp contraction over the last few years due to two main external factors: the "spending review" decided by the Monti government and the drop in sales of expired patent products.

Both of these events are having a heavier impact on 2012 turnover than Takeda had already initially anticipated and this has necessitated the reorganization announced today.


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