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Spending review. Council of Ministers approves the decree. The communication with the sanitary measures

 Here is the text of the article. 15 with all health measures.

The Government has approved the decree containing the "urgent provisions for the revision of public expenditure, while maintaining the level of services to citizens unchanged". Interventions on goods and services, drugs, medical devices and the purchase of services from accredited private individuals. Skip cutting small hospitals. Government statement.

06 JUL – A long night for the launch of the public spending review manoeuvre, made necessary by the Government's desire to avoid the VAT increase starting next October.

For the entire duration of the CDM, conflicting voices on the health care game alternated. The knot above all that of the hospitals. The entered text  in fact, it envisaged two paragraphs: the lowering of the ratio between beds and population, from the current 4 per thousand to 3.7 per thousand, and the official closure of all directly managed hospitals with less than 120 beds.

From reading the press release issued at the conclusion of the Council, it would seem that both paragraphs have been archived to refer the issue to the table of the Pact for Health, in order to share the reprogramming of the hospital network with the Regions. But there's more. At the end of the Council, Minister Balduzzi even outlined the possibility of "remodulating the type of intervention on health", without prejudice to the amounts of the measures adopted, "if an agreement is reached on the Health Pact by the month of July". As if to say that the game on where and how to cut is still open, both on the spending review cuts and on those of the "Tremonti" decree of the

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