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"Woe to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the National Health Service with emphasis and rhetoric. We must be strongly dissatisfied with this NHS and critical. Even if we must know that we also have the best practices among us to lead the whole system to greater equity". Welfare Minister Maurizio Sacconi took a cold shower when he spoke at the conference 'Which welfare for health? prevention and planning in healthcare thirty years after law 833/'78', today in Rome. An appointment organized by the Higher Institute of Health (ISS) and the national office of the Italian Bishops' Conference (CEI) for the pastoral care of health with the aim of celebrating the 30th anniversary of the NHS. Sacconi explains that "a reflection is very appropriate. First of all because today the situations of society and the economy have changed, compared to 1978. And then because the NHS now reflects a maximum inequity, testified by the perfect equation between the greater endowment of resources and lower quality of services". The minister points out that "in none of the countries we have to deal with are there such striking differences". After the criticisms, however, come the proposals, and the vision of the NHS to come. A health service which, in the intentions of the minister, will have to "embrace a more evolved and holistic vision of the person. We must - he urges - overcome the social-health model of a segmented response to individual needs as they arise, as has been the case until till today". And to support the necessary, albeit painful, interventions that some Regions will have to undertake to adhere to the federalist model that the Government has in mind, Sacconi uses a sports metaphor. "Even in politics - he says - sometimes it is necessary to use the judoka technique which allows you to leverage a point to move a large flaccid body. Here - he clarifies - the closure of small generalist and marginal hospitals is that point to give a new structure to the SSN".

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