Stories of ISF. Vincenzo Mauriello, ISF, new councilor for social policies of Giugliano

Giugliano. Vincenzo Mauriello: "Attention focused on families, the elderly and children at risk"

The new Councilor for Social Policies already at work from day one: "I will receive people both in the city and on the coast"

Of Mariarosaria Lumiero – 11/08/2015 – interNaples

Giugliano. L'assessore alle Politiche Sociali, Vincenzo MaurielloJUGLIAN. Vincenzo Mauriello, 39, married and father of eight-year-old twins, a boy and a girl, whom he defines as "formidable". A degree in Biological Sciences with Physiopathological and Environmental specialization, currently scientific informant in the Ethics Division, at the Menarini IFR in Florence. Appointed Councilor, by the Mayor of Giugliano Antonio Poziello, with responsibility for social policies.Assessor, will you take care of the weaker sections of the city, what is the situation a few days after taking office? Only a few days have passed since my appointment to Social Policies, but I am certain of one thing, it will be "We", as representatives of the entire community, who address "Families", as the founding nucleus of our society. Waiting times must be abolished and responses must be rapid.

In an interview he said he would meet the manager of the economy D'Alterio for the donation of 5 per thousand. How did it go?
D'Alterio is very busy these days for the Budget, I only mentioned the 5 per thousand and the outcome was positive. This donation is just one of the innovations that we will bring to social policies.

During the first municipal council, clarifications were requested on his person, following his appointment, due to his closeness to Poziello. Did you find what you asked for unfounded or legitimate to have doubts, coming from a much talked about previous administration?
Anyone who holds public office has a great responsibility, that is, before making statements, read up on what is said in public. Among the ranks of the Five Star Movement, both in Giugliano and in the Northern Area, there are many militants that I know well, even beyond politics, it was enough to read up or ask within the ranks of the movement itself.

Can we say that this territory has priorities? On what level can the social be framed in a scale in order of importance?
The family is the first nucleus of society, our attention goes to it together with the elderly and children at risk. We have the task of standing by these areas in difficulty, optimizing the resources in the field and seeking funds, not just European ones.

She has been operational since the very beginning and this has almost left us in disbelief. Does this underline how much citizenship has been sidelined in the past?
The weaker groups need immediate answers, only with commitment and optimizing resources can this goal be achieved. In recent days we have joined two important platforms, which will allow us to strengthen our workforce. The deadline was scheduled for September, but we joined immediately and now through a tender there will be new professionals for our Social Areas.

If you could immediately reach a goal, a sort of wish to express to the genie of the lamp, what would you ask for?
The first goal I hope to achieve is the zeroing of waiting lists in the various Social Areas, giving immediate and concrete answers to families. I anticipate that I will receive those who request it both in the center and on the coastal strip.

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