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Cuts in pharmaceuticals, from FarmacistaPiù Scaccabarozzi's alarm

If further cuts are implemented in the sector, there is a real danger that essential levels of assistance "can no longer be guaranteed". Massimo Scaccabarozzi, president of Farmindustria, speaking at the morning session, reiterated the alarm raised the day before by Latina, during the itinerant tour "Production of value" organized by the association. «We have reached a point where the accounts for the pharmaceutical sector are under control, so let's stop those who have the ideology of cuts because they are not doing the good for the country. And besides," he underlines, "even the OECD clearly told Cottarelli that this policy must stop. The pharmaceutical sector has undergone 44 maneuvers in 10 years and 4 cuts in 8 months under the Monti government; this has brought the health care system to its knees. If we really fail to defend the National Health Fund - he therefore warned - this means that every billion cuts will cost companies 150 million, which is equivalent to about 2,000 jobs. What more do you want?” Scaccabarozzi wonders. «The risk around the corner is that the industry will relocate and that the pharmacies will close. This is why it is important that the supply chain works together to defend the NSF». An invitation promptly accepted by the president of Assogenerici Enrique Hausermann «It is necessary to stabilize the system and to do this we need a certain framework. In addition," he adds, "it is essential that the savings remain with the sector. We have to create a system and keep the sector stable» reiterated Hausermann (MM) in conclusion

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