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According to the president Enrique Hausermann, the first item on the agenda must be "the reduction of the cost of pharmaceutical care", a choice deemed essential to "free up resources for research and for pharmacological innovation".

30 APRAssoGenerici congratulates the Honorable Beatrice Lorenzin on her appointment as Minister of Health and sends her best wishes for a good job also on behalf of the member companies.

“Italy continues to go through a particularly critical phase, in which it is necessary to reconcile social solidarity and the protection of citizens with dramatic budgetary needs. A picture that reappears in the health sector where, however, it is possible to contract at least one resource that has not yet expressed its full potential: the equivalent drug - underlined the president of AssoGenerici Enrique Häusermann – As also indicated in the document drawn up by the Sages appointed by President Napolitano, in our country there are still obstacles to accessing the market for equivalents, due to practices which have long been censored by the European Commission. We hope that the new Government and the new Minister will want to seize the opportunity to reduce the cost of pharmaceutical assistance, free up resources for research and innovation in pharmacology and, consequently, safeguard and possibly increase employment levels in a strategic sector for our country. Good job Minister Lorenzin”.

April 30, 2013 – Dailyhealthcare

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