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Usa, branded-generic passage faster and faster

Scientific representatives of the drug are not very confident about the future, which is viewed 'badly' by the majority (312) of workers. This is the picture that emerges from an online survey carried out by the website www.isfnews.it involving 342 workers, mostly men and in the 50-60 age group. The aim of the survey was to have a clear and precise picture of the experience of the category of drug sales representatives on some specific aspects of this profession.

To the question 'In your opinion, what are the biggest problems for drug sales reps?', 92 Isfs answered 'excessive visits to the doctor', 182 layoffs, 113 the absence of the Register, 189 company pressures and 50 the compliance with regional regulations.

The judgment of 324 Isf against 18 was lapidary: to the question 'Do you think the management of pharmaceutical companies suitable for solving the problems of the sector?', the majority answered 'no'. But 'What causes the layoffs in the pharmaceutical sector?': the crisis in the sector for 99 workers, the lack of new drugs for 122, the short-sighted pharmaceutical policy for 235, the increase in corporate profits for 125 and the reduction of drug prices for 115.

'Do you think the role of the Isf associations is useful?': 203 informants answered yes and 139 no. For 186, however, the trade unions are useful, but not for 156 Isf. Of 186 replies that believe that trade unions are useful, only 145 are members of trade unions. Of 186 replies that consider the role of trade unions useful, only 90 believe that CGIL, CISL, UIL protect the ISF.

Furthermore, out of 262 replies indicating that the presence of the Rsu in the company, only 101 consider themselves protected by it. And of 90 answers according to which CGIL, CISL, UIL protect the ISF, only 56 consider themselves protected by their RSU. Furthermore, out of 228 replies indicating the presence of a regional regulation, only 189 say that there is also a maximum number of visits in it. Out of 228 responses indicating the presence of regulations on scientific information, only 113 indicate that the company requests compliance with it.

Finally, out of 152 responses indicating their job satisfaction, 9 underline

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