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WORLDNEWS: GREECE, multinationals block hundreds of DRUGS

In Greece, health care is now on its knees, in fact they would be missing drugs for the most serious diseases: from diabetes to the cancer.According to an investigation by Guardian, the medicines that are leaving the country would be over 200 out of a total of 12,500.
There are more than fifty companies that have allegedly delayed or blocked the delivery of medicines.
The blockade is not just about pharmaciessupplies to some were also partially interrupted hospitals Greeks, who were "too much in debt".
The biggest blow to the Greek people was the stop to the supply of medicines for the diabetes.
In Greece the diabetes it is a very common disease, caused by cooking rich in sugar.
But what blocked the delivery of the drugs, however, was not only the delay in payments. Also influential was the drop in the prices of medicines in the country, which reduced the earnings of pharmaceutical companies.
The Greek government is trying in every way to block the phenomenon. Has already export prohibited of 60 medicines and a ban on another 300 products is expected soon.
It has also launched investigations into 260 pharmacists suspected of failing to comply with the export ban.

Source: http://www.vivicool.it/50673/cronaca/grecia-le-multinazionali-bloccano-centinaia-di-farmaci.html


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