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6.3 billion agreement on the health pact

Green light to the "Pact for health" with 6.3 billion more to the regions in 2010-2012 compared to the government proposal but also another 4.7 billion for long-term investments in the NHS. And the release of 23 billion from the regional implementation programs (Par), financed with the Fas, which will soon land at the Cipe. Double result yesterday at Palazzo Chigi, where, absent Berlusconi, it was Giulio Tremonti who signed the "Pact" on health care with the governors, while the agreement on the Fas reached with Claudio Scajola gives new breath to the relaunch of production, investments and employment . "Resources that are added to Community funding for 60 billion, which are already activating strong spending flows," said Scajola.


After four months of substantially interrupted institutional relations, the light has come back on in the relations between the state and the regions. «Now there are the conditions for a loyal collaboration – said the representative of the governors, Vasco Errani, with reference to health care -. It is an important agreement, thanks to the decisive unitary commitment of the regions ». Satisfaction shared by Rita Lorenzetti (Umbria), Romano Colozzi (Lombardy), Sandro Sandri (Veneto). Positive comments also from the Government, with Tremonti who, after putting the brakes on spending for months, has cashed in on the promise that from now on the deficits of local health authorities and hospitals will only be borne by the Regions, waiting for fiscal federalism to deploy the its effects. Satisfied, but critical of the management of recent months, Minister Raffaele Fitto: «A confrontation that has known a path made unnecessarily bumpy is brought back to the correct institutional dialectic».


SSN, Commissioner Governors. Password: "The regions must ensure financial equilibrium in conditions of efficiency and appropriateness". This is the incipit of the agreement on the «Pact», which will be formalized in the 2010 Budget. These are the allocations: 106.214 billion in 2010 (+1.6 billion on the government proposal), 108.563 in 2011 (+1.71 billion), 111,657 in 2012 (3 billion more than 2011). But be careful: in 2010 the State undertakes to take on any extra costs in the event of contractual increases exceeding the recognition of the contractual holiday and will guarantee another 4.7 billion for long-term investments in healthcare construction, for which it will also be possible to resort to Fas. Guaranteed 400 million for non-self-sufficiency and 30 for social policies. The crackdown starts on insufficient repayment plans. In the event of a deficit, the automatisms of the maxi Irap and Irpef rates are confirmed, with the blocking of turnover and the stop to non-compulsory expenses. If the deficit exceeds 5% (no longer 7%), or is lower than 5% but the fiscal automatisms and regional resources are not enough, the obligation to present the repayment plan (drawn up with Aifa and Agenas) is triggered, to be presented by mid-June, which will be evaluated by a brand new joint commission between the state and the regions, without prejudice to the current "table" for the economy. The plan will be evaluated by the Council of Ministers: if insufficient, or not even presented, the ad acta commissioner of health is triggered, but only for the governor of the region itself, and all the fiscal and personnel automatisms are triggered, but with the addition of suspension of non-compulsory tax transfers and the forfeiture of managers of local health authorities and hospitals. The commissioner of the entire region (always in the hands of the governor of the same) will take effect, after a warning, in the event of non-fulfillment of the plan. It should be noted that for the regions in deficit the Fas funds destined for regional planning and "any instruments" could also be used

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