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It is possible to register by making the payment by bank transfer, by contacting preferably the section you belong to, if any, in your province of residence or work (look for the section in the entry Territory on the site), for those who cannot find the section in their working province or residence, choose another one present in the region or choose "Section absent" in the registration form.

ATTENTION the Iban and the membership fee to make the transfer are associated with the section therefore BE CAREFUL WHEN CHOOSING THE SECTION. Choose the section first and then make the transfer keeping in evidence the reference code of the transfer which will be entered further down in the appropriate box. You can find some FEDAIISF services reserved for members here.

For the renewal and registration proceed with this form.

     Joining a trade association is, nowadays, a choice that some consider useless, those who oppose it to their own individualism and those who suspect hidden interests. In reality, associations still remain the only tool to be stronger together, and it is even more so with a federation.

   Is it worth joining a professional federation with 50 years of experience today? Yes, it's worth it. The importance of creating a system is essential to carry forward the interests of the category, make one's voice heard, improve one's profession, guarantee one's rights.

    The real cost is not that of paying a few tens of euros a year but that of not joining. Organized participation is the construction of a more direct democracy, it is involvement in solving problems, it is collective growth.

    FEDAIISF takes up this challenge with all the member associations and with all the colleagues who are constantly committed to consolidating the unity of the category, as well as the behavior of each Pharmaceutical Representative being carried out with ever greater competence and transparency. The trade associations have always believed that each ISF was a champion of their own role, testifying every day, to the medical profession, their professionalism and their dignity.

    All drug sales representatives, regardless of their employment contract, must continue to fight to increasingly affirm this identity with their own code of conduct, even before the laws.

    The pharmaceutical industry, despite the dozens of restrictive and highly punitive laws of the last 15 years, is still today the greatest source of culture in the field of drugs, and the best researchers work in it. It is our belief that the best informants must work alongside the latter; goal that all members of the federation, and the federated associations themselves, promote and support with conviction.

In fact, the doctor's update and the health of Italian citizens are mainly ensured through the interview with the Scientific Representative who can never be replaced by any tablet, e-mail, phone call.

    On the importance of our profession, recognized and cited in many national and regional laws, we can and must work even more, all together, also thanks to your support.

                  Dr. Riccardo Bevilacqua
FEDAIISF Documentation, Research and Studies Centre


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Fedaiisf Federazione delle Associazioni Italiane degli Informatori Scientifici del Farmaco e del Parafarmaco