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 The Court of Auditors of Lombardy checks generalists with above-average prescriptions. From Corriere Medico 30-11-06. The Court of Auditors in Lombardy relaunches against overprescribing doctors. The trade unions Snami and Fimmg communicate it. The first with the leader Mauro Martini he claims that the Court would have given instructions to the Asl managers "to put in formal notice all family doctors who have prescribed drugs above the district average: they will be summoned by the officials and, if held responsible, they will have to compensate for the tax damage attributed to them ... Now it becomes impossible to treat certain categories of crnici ". Florence Corti Fimmg leader: “If the news were confirmed we would be faced with an unacceptable criminalization of Lombard family medicine. And in an intimidating climate, where the aim of the doctors' activity is the respect of the expenditure ceilings, it would become impossible for us to guarantee the serenity essential to work at the service of the health of all citizens". It is not clear whether the recipients of the agreements are the 564 doctors investigated in the spring or them and many others.

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