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A blog, the first in Italy created by an institution, to inform and involve citizens on the new 2008-10 health plan. It is the one promoted by the Regional Council of Tuscany and presented by the president of the Tuscan assembly Riccardo Nencini with Fabio Roggiolani (Greens), chairman of the health council commission. The blog can be reached from the home page of the council website and is meant to be a technological tool dedicated to greater transparency and citizen participation on one of the measures that mainly concerns them. It is available to everyone and should be approved within the first few months of 2008, and all citizens who wish to have it will be able to initiate debates, make comments but also brief video interventions and involve the various councilors in the discussion. The comments left will then be evaluated by the commission as a starting point for any amendments to the plan. Isde. Go to the video by Anna Maria Celesti, Vice President of the Fourth Health Commission of the Tuscany Region

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