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Aleotti (Menarini), no damage to the NHS and citizens

 Lucia Aleotti

After the raid by the Nas and the Revenue Agency on the offices of the Menarini Group, which this morning led to the seizure of money and assets worth 1 billion as part of an investigation into the pharmaceutical company that had already started in 2009, Lucia Aleotti, a member of the executive committee of the Group and daughter of the president Alberto Aleotti, intervenes ensuring the absence of damage to the National Health Service and to the citizens. "The main accusation hypothesis - he writes - is that Menarini purchased raw materials at higher prices and from these a higher than necessary price for some drugs was derived. hypothesis is absolutely groundless, since the price of drugs is determined by the competent authorities solely and exclusively on the basis of their efficacy and therapeutic value, without any possibility of including, in this evaluation, the cost of raw materials. therefore no damage to the NHS or to the citizens". "We also take note - he adds - of what is reported in the press in relation to hypothetical requests, moreover not notified to us, for disqualification from relations with the Public Administration or for the company to be placed in receivership. We can only comment that these would be requests which , in a preliminary phase without any discussion of the substance of the allegations, would have very serious, if not irremediable consequences, not only for the company but also for all employees. and that with their families, even in the current moment of economic crisis, they have always and in any case seen their work protected", he concludes.


 Ileana Sciarra – Pharmakronos – November 29, 2010

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