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Procurement and corruption, CGIL-FP Campania: transparency is needed. Ed

“The new scandal on the supplies of anticancer drugs and devices to the Pascale institute demonstrates how the sector is the fertile ground in which illegality proliferates. If the accusations were to prove to be founded, it would be yet another shameful episode"

07 March 2017 –

Risultati immagini per corruzione asl na1The scandal of the last few hours, concerning the supplies of anti-tumor drugs and devices at the Pascale institute, demonstrates once again how healthcare is the fertile ground in which corruption and illegality proliferate. If the accusations, which also involve leading executives, were to prove to be founded, we would be faced with yet another shameful episode!”, denounce CGIL and FP Campania.

“For years, we have asked to supervise contracts and supplies in the hospitals of the Region; the linear cuts, the prolonged system of compulsory administration, have evidently only aggravated this state of affairs; the only ones penalized were the workers and citizens, forced into endless waiting lists and to resort to medical emigration; instead, according to what emerges thanks to the investigations of the judiciary, no intervention has been made to rationalize and make the health care machine more effective ”, add the two acronyms.

"Thats enough. Make the public administration transparent, avoiding political appointments, skills and professionalism are valued, urgent action is taken on the monitoring mechanisms of tenders and the ever more frequent outsourcing of services. We will continue to monitor, in defense of the quality of the service, guaranteed only by the professionalism of honest workers. Therefore, now we demand an ad horas meeting with the presidency of the regional council to discuss a system that is now collapsing”, conclude the unions.

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Risultati immagini per informatore scientifico del farmacoEd.: When corruption phenomena such as the one in Naples emerge, beyond the corruption itself, there is another crime that nobody considers and that is the fact that the function of salesman of the Pharmaceutical Representative (ISF) is taken for granted. Legislative Decree 219/06, regional regulations, European directives, the Farmindustria Code of Conduct and various court sentences prohibit the ISF from being involved in sales. The ISF is not a medicine seller!

The corruptive attempt of the ISF involved in the attempt to return to the sales budget that had been assigned to it is clear and incontrovertible from the episode in Naples. It is evident that this ISF depends on sales and that in any case initiatives of this type never depend only on the ISF.

We also know that this FSI will have signed (they made him sign) a document stating that any illegal act is his responsibility and that if he eventually becomes aware of any illegal act or pressure to commit illegal act by company officials , it is his job to report the officers of this company to management, as if an employee could report his superior! A farce to exclude corporate liability a priori.

However, beyond the faults of the ISF, the company's dependence and pressure to sell is evident. Since this is prohibited by law, we ask ourselves what will the AIFA do, which has to supervise the drug market? What will Farmindustria do for anyone who so blatantly violates their Code of Conduct? What will the Judicial Bodies do against the company that forces its own ISF to sell?

We are certain that, after the media uproar, nothing will happen, the culprit will always be the ISF

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Campania Region.LAW_8_DEL_27-06-2011_INFORMATION.DRUG: Article 3, paragraph 4: The ISFs cannot carry out any commercial activity 


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