Bourla, Pfizer CEO, does not want to be vaccinated. But it's a … noVax prank

It's not true that Pfizer's CEO didn't want to get vaccinated and that he didn't get vaccinated

It's not true that Pfizer's CEO didn't want to get vaccinated and that he didn't get vaccinated

Albert Bourla received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine. His statements used by no vax are out of context

Journalism – 05/28/2021 Of Gianmichele Laino

The diffusion of a card - starting from an article on the well-known SputnikNews portal - has found fertile ground in no-vax environments. It aims, practically, to discredit the work of a pharmaceutical company on the vaccine against the coronavirus "from the inside" (if we may say so). The pharmaceutical company, in this case, is Pfizer. In the article, however, it is argued that the CEO of the company, Albert Bourla, would not have been inclined to get the vaccine. An assumption that comes out of a completely decontextualized statement.

Albert Bourla doesn't want to get the Pfizer vaccine? But go

The article - complete with links - is circulating on social networks and on WhatsApp with this supporting copy, as also reported by the site

Well why do I have to get vaccinated?

Incredible apology from the CEO of Pfizer. His group will not get vaccinated because since they are in good health they do not work in places at risk "it is not advisable" for him to get vaccinated first!

Not even they have confidence in what they produce

The words of CEO Albert Bourla have actually been taken out of context. In fact, the words of the pharmaceutical company's number one were spoken in December, when the vaccination campaign had not yet been launched and the doses available to the public were not yet sufficient to sample a rather large population. It goes without saying that, given his age - 59 -, Albert Bourla had said - to the CNBC journalist who had interviewed him - that it was not advisable, for his age group, to get vaccinated at this juncture, when talking to immunize the population group of over 80s, those with the highest incidence of the coronavirus on mortality.

An answer similar to the one that had been given - always in the same period - by various characters and protagonists of the world of institutions also in Italy: no one - with very few exceptions - bypassed the line, everyone waited their turn. A common sense choice to secure a large part of the population as soon as possible. Especially since Bourla himself, during the same interview, had clearly said: "As soon as I can, I will." But this, to whoever circulated that viral post, didn't seem to care.

For the record, Albert Bourla got vaccinated with the first and second dose (the latter received on March 10). But, evidently, not even this matters to those who put this clearly decontextualized news into circulation:

It is curious, no doubt, the timing with which we see the spread of this particular case of disinformation about the CEO of Pfizer. In recent days, in fact, we have given you an account of a mysterious communication agency that would have started contacting some important influencers in France (who operate, coincidentally, in the health and scientific information sector), offering an important amount of money (two thousand euros) to discredit the Pfizer vaccine on social networks. We need to carefully monitor the communication methodologies which, on this same vaccine, will be adopted from now on to record any other anomalies.

Cover PHOTO from Albert Bourla's Twitter account


Excited to receive my 2nd dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech #COVID19 vaccines. There's nothing I want more than for my loved ones and people around the world to have the same opportunity. Although the journey is far from over, we are working tirelessly to beat the virus.

— AlbertBourla (@AlbertBourla) March 10, 2021


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