Toasts. Thefts in the hospital pharmacy: 100,000 euros of stolen goods

Furti, ricettazioni e truffe alla Asl di Brindisi (10 arresti)Arrested 10 people, including employees and outsiders for thefts in the pharmacy of thePerrino hospital in Brindisi. The news comes just shortly after the closing of the international conference of the European Fakeshare II project which had given lower percentages in terms of thefts in hospital pharmacies and warned Internet users against purchases of counterfeit medicines .

The crafty people of Brindisi are employees of an ASL company, the Healthcare service, by the way also accused of absenteeism. The investigation carried out by the Carabinieri made it possible to demonstrate that  4 of these employees actually they went to work only to rob the pharmacy and then go home or wander around. 

In all they are 7 employees of the company and 3 the accomplices outside the hospital who have been arrested. The thieves went to work, filled the containers with wheels and reached a safe place with their accomplice who, having loaded the trunk, left undisturbed.

FROM LIVIA MAIORINO · 17 OCTOBER 2016 – Milan healthcare

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